It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Rachel McAdams in 2018. The Academy Award-nominated actress has a few movies lined up for the box office this year, including a murder mystery comedy with Jason Bateman and a possible return to the Sherlock Holmes franchise as the cunning Irene Adler. 

But perhaps her most highly-anticipated movie is Disobedience, where she stars along Rachel Weisz in a story about a forbidden lesbian affair between two Orthodox Jewish women.

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Weisz plays Ronit Krushka, who returns to her former home in North London after the death of her father. She had been exiled by the community decades ago due to her attraction to a childhood friend. Once there, she reunites with her former love, Esti, played by Rachel McAdams, who is now married to Orthodox rabbi Dovid (played by American Hustle’s Alessandro Nivola). 

When asked why she got married to the rabbi, Esti explains that he thought the marriage would “cure” her. But Ronit’s return causes passions to reignite between the two, leading them to carry out a forbidden affair in secret amongst their devout community.

The movie shocked audiences at a pre-screening at the Toronto International Film Festival with a six-minute sex scene between McAdams and Weisz. Some even went as far as to call it “Jew is the Warmest Colour,” but director Sebastián Lelio thinks that’s an overstatement.

“We created a very intimate, protected set,” he said. “They were brave from the beginning. I felt so lucky to be dealing with real artists willing to take a risk. Acting is risk—it’s about trusting a director, and blindly jumping off the cliff.”

Disobedience hits theatres on August 24.

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