In what is perhaps 2017's weirdest news to date, a live-action Pokemon movie is happening and Ryan Reynolds is starring in it.

Yup. This is happening. Reynolds is set to play Pikachu (yes, you've read that right) in a film titled Detective Pikachu.

The live-action movie will have the 41-year-old actor in the role of the detective, who must find the missing father of another character in the movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, who first broke the news, Justice Smith (from the new Jurassic World movie) plays the teen whose father is MIA. Kathryn Newton (Lady Bird) will play a sassy journalist who helps the pair along the way.

Sounds a bit weird, but if Reynold's absurdist nature in roles like Deadpool and Green Lantern have taught us anything, he's probably the perfect guy for this. He's also got some experience in animated projects, having lent his voice to Family Guy and The Croods before.

And before your mind starts running wild with costume ideas, Reynolds won't be putting on a giant, inflatable Pikachu suit. The role will supposedly be motion capture. However, you can almost certainly bet that the actor will probably find some way to get himself in a Pikachu suit during the press tour for the movie.

So can we expect this version of Pikachu to take a leaf out of Reynold's acting book and mutter curse words under his breath while mocking everything in sight? It wouldn't be entirely out of the question.

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