Sometimes we forget which Hollywood stars are actually from Canada, but Seth Rogen made it as obvious as possible he still loves his Canadian roots when he kicked off an interview with Ellen on her show earlier this week. The interview ended up talking about our home and native land out of the gate!

The Vancouver native was put on the spot about our own Prime Minister after Ellen revealed a photo of Rogen and Trudeau together. In typical Seth Rogen fashion, he took the opportunity to gush over how he thinks Trudeau is "super handsome" and when he hugged him he 'felt Trudeau's muscles press into his body.'

Though it wasn't just Rogen's man crush on Trudeau that was exposed, but also his sly photo-cropping skills where he actually cropped his wife out of the photo he posted online! 

Rogen even compared meeting the Prime Minister to when he met President Obama. Noting that while with Obama there was much higher security and a debrief, as well as getting about a minute to talk to the President, Trudeau just showed up at the event and was determined to have a chat with everybody there. 

While Trudeau has definitely been in the hot seat with Canadians as of late, it seems there's at least one Canadian who is fond of him! Though it might have to do more with his resemblance to a Disney prince more than anything! 

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