Once again, Shawn Mendes has proven himself to be the most perfect human to ever exist. A new promo was just released for this Sunday's episode of "Drop The Mic" on TBS, a celebrity rap battle show hosted by Hailey Baldwin and Method Man.

In it, Shawn Mendes goes head to head with American football player Odell Beckham Junior.

Via TBS, YouTube

In the promo, Odell starts taking shots at Shawn before he has a chance to say anything. Odell's opening verse was, "Bieber also came down here to make noise, I'm like, 'Why the hell does Canada keep sending us these little boys?'"

Shawn brushed it off by calling Odell out for dancing on the football field, "A dancing athlete that's a little unusual ... its the first time I've seen that since 'High School Musical.'" Yes, Shawn!

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Odell also made fun of Shawn's whiteness with, "Your skin is so pale, let's call it a hunch ... you're so white, the only meal you eat is brunch." Savage.

However, Shawn comes back with an even better roast. He goes, "You said that I'm fake, I think millions disagree. How do they ever call you a Giant when you're shorter than me!" Then the crowd went crazy, of course.

Could this be the start of Shawn Mendes' rap career? We hope so! Tune in this weekend to watch the rest. 

Source: TBS

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