Fans of Stranger Things and true crime documentaries just got a belated Christmas gift. In what sounds like a dream come true, Netflix has enlisted the popular show's executive producer Shawn Levy to begin working on a reboot of the long-running series Unsolved Mysteries. Um yeah, we're kind of freaking out over here!

Unsolved Mysteries, which originally aired between 1987 and 2010, will have a paranormal focus—something we know Levy does well. The series will consist of 12 installments and investigate unexplained crimes. Each episode will center around a particular mystery, such as a missing person case. 

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TBH, this whole thing sounds right up our alley. And, we're not the only ones. Netflix obviously recognizes its viewers' passion for all things true crime. Who could blame them for trying to recreate the success of shows like Making a MurdererThe Staircase and Evil Genius? Shawn Levy, show us what you've got. 

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Other than that Unsolved Mysteries is in the works, we don't have much information at this time. But, it's nice to have something else to be excited about in addition to Stranger Things coming back. We're counting down the days until Eleven and the rest of the gang return for season three July 4. 

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