Ah, The Bachelor. What a show honestly. Are you ready to meet all of the contestants tonight? While the show has been on for 22 seasons, this being the 23rd, we still cringe at every moment and wonder if the bachelor or bachelorette and chosen girl/guy will actually get married. I think the odds are 1/10 but I could also be making that up. It really does seem like it though. 

If you're not familiar with who is the bachelor this season, that would be Colton Underwood. He's a former football player for the Oakland Raiders, has dated Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, and is known for one thing. And that's that he is still a virgin. 

While you and your girlfriends may be getting together for a wine night to watch the season premiere, a ton of other people will be boycotting the show. Why? Well the seasons just keep getting worse and worse, and this one will probably be the worst. Here are all of the reasons why: 

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Colton Has A Secret He Can't Stop Talking About

Can you guess what it is? Let's refer back to Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette when Colton couldn't stop talking about his virginity. While that's definitely not something to be ashamed of, he actually recreated the poster for The 40-Year-Old-Virgin for promotional reasons. To me, it's seriously cringeworthy that that's the only way they decided to promote the show. Will the season be that boring? Probably. In the trailer for the show, Colton says, "I am a virgin, but that's a small part of who I am". Okay... then stop talking about it.

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Most Of The Crying In The Trailer Comes From Colton

We love a man who is in touch with his emotions. But if you've watched the trailer, you'll see that they put in two things: Colton crying, and Colton talking about his virginity. Watch for yourself here

One Of The Contestants Lies About Being From Australia

Hm... okay. While their meeting went well as Coltons says he loves accents, Bri says that the accent is Australian. Read closely, because she never said that she was from Australia. Good one... But if you need to lie about having an accent to impress the guy you like, it's probably not going to work. But I guess we'll have to watch to see if Bri gets a rose. 

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He's Already Posting Photos With "Her" 

While back in the day, the bachelors and bachelorettes didn't have social media so they couldn't post teases like this, Colton went ahead and put out a photo with him and his "babe". This is annoying because it takes away from the fact that he may not choose anyone, which is always a huge shocker. Also isn't there some sort of rule against this? Can we get Chris Harrison's opinion please? 

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