If you're anything like me, then last night you were strictly watching the Super Bowl for the highly anticipated advertisements and Justin Timberlake's half-time show - but to my surprise, the number of new trailers that dropped completely stole the night. One, in particular, stood above the rest.

Cloverfield fans everywhere are rejoicing after hearing the news that a brand new instalment in their favourite cult classic series has just dropped. Last night during the Super Bowl, a 30-second trailer of The Cloverfield Paradox aired. The super short trailer commemorated the 10 year anniversary of the original film while dropping some seriously glorious snippets from the brand new film.

If you even blinked for half a second, then you may have missed the announcement regarding the film's release. At the very end of the trailer, a quick blurb lowkey announced that it would be airing the very same night! Shortly after the Super Bowl, the film was up on Netflix!

If you loved the original films, then you need to watch this new instalment. They mix sci-fi elements with the classic Cloverfield creepiness. Oh, and the trailer claims that the new film will answer some questions regarding the mysteriousness of the original Cloverfield movies!

You can now watch The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix!

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