If you've watched American Horror Story before, then you know that whatever you expect the season to be about is probably wrong. Ryan Murphy, who is the creator of AHS, has a way of making you confused but understand all at once. That's basically the only way I can describe the first episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse to you. 

The first episode starts out with the infamous Evan Peters, who recently revealed he doesn't know how much longer he can do these shows because the characters he plays are so f*cked up. His character in Apocalypse is definitely more on the normal side, as he is a successful hairdresser instead of a cult leader like last season. He is doing a womens hair when she finds out from her dad that there are a ton of nuclear explosions going on around the world, and they need to take his private jet to an undisclosed location, which is formally called Outpost 3. 

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You really do think that maybe this series is going to be about all of them dying, and showing them in their afterlife. Boy was I wrong. After two innocent people are basically kidnapped because of their DNA (one was found solely through an ancestry website), they are brought to this dystopian looking building that looks like a cross between something on The Handmaid's Tale and The Hunger Games. Once they're there, you realize that the hairdresser and his client and a bunch of other random people are there. They set out a ton of rules for everyone, such as only eating an ice cube looking meal that is apparently filled with all their essential vitamins and minerals. 

Sarah Paulson, who plays Wilhelmina Venable, is the leader of this group. She explains that they are there, and cannot leave, because of the radiation contamination and they also can't reproduce (a fancy word for having sex). While this may seem innocent to all of you, watching this I just knew I was going to have nightmares. This underground building obviously has 0 windows, is dark AF and they are also tortured if they are not 'clean' enough. I'm not sure how Ryan Murphy comes up with these plots, but I can just imagine the season getting way more messed up. 

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Oh, and it will. The best part about American Horror Story: Apocalypse is that it will be a crossover between Murder House and Coven, which are previous seasons in the AHS series. That means the best characters are coming back to reprise their roles, and I cannot wait. The first episode was hard to get through as you have no idea where it's going. But at the end of the episode, a very familiar face that we met as a baby in Murder House gave us all the details. There is a new facility which has years and years of supplies (remember, the world just went through an apocalypse, hence the name), but only the most worthy of survivial will be invited to it. I mentioned that the building looked like something on The Hunger Games, and I have a feeling the plot may be something similar as well. 

That was the first tie in to Murder House, and from the trailer, we can expect so many more familiar faces that we've missed so dearly. You can catch American Horror Story: Apocalypse every Wednesday at 10 on FX. Believe me, after the first episode, I'm even more intrigued to find out what happens. Even if it does give me nightmares. 

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