Whether you're a fan of The Simpsons or not, there's one thing you've got to admit about the nearly 30-year-old animated adult series - it's got a freakish ability to predict the future.

The television show has aired a number of episodes predicting certain events that have later turned out to happen in real life. For instance, in 1997 there was a random scene where Bart was reading a book titled, Curious George and the Ebola Virus. In 2014, there was an Ebola outbreak in America.

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In 2000, they aired an episode where Bart flashes to his future as an adult when Donald Trump is president. While that was absolutely so far-fetched and comical to everyone back then, 16 years later it actually came true.

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In most recent revelations, it's clear that The Simpsons even predicted Canada's future 13 years ago in a 2005 episode called "Midnight Rx".

In the episode, Homer, Grandpa Simpson, Apu and Ned are in Canada. Goody-two-shoes Ned is horrified after a Canadian counterpart who looks and acts just like him offers him a "reeferino" AKA a joint.

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"It's legal here," the Canadian man tells Ned. To which Ned comically replies, "They warned me Satan would be attractive."

Back in 2005 marijuana legalization wasn't even thought of. Yet, The Simpson's predicted it that Canada would legalize marijuana. Too weird for words, especially considering all of their other bang on predictions from the cartoon series.

While some insist their uncanny foretellings are just total coincidences or good guesses, others are certain they've got some sort of psychic working for them. I'm with the latter, it's just too freaky!

You can watch a clip of the "Midnight Rx" episode of The Simpsons below.

Source: TIME, Daily Mail

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