Last year, Netflix graced us with the most cheesy Christmas movie of all time. Yup, I'm talking about A Christmas Prince. It was easily the most talked about Christmas movie last year and fans couldn't get enough. After viewers across the world begged for a sequel, Netflix finally agreed and released the news that a sequel would be coming out this holiday season.

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A few months ago, Netflix tweeted that A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding would be released this winter. After that, they shared an incredibly short and uninformative trailer that basically told us that a sequel was on its way, but pretty much nothing else.

Now, Netflix has released a full-length trailer that gives us a look at exactly what we can expect to see in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

Here's what we've learned from the new trailer. 

Yes, Prince Richard and New York journalist, Amber is set to get married. In the first scene of the trailer, Amber says, "It has been 349 days since I said yes to the love of my life, Richard Ben Charlton, the King of Aldovia. Somehow through all this insanity I'm still me, even though I'm about to become Queen of a small country."

The sequel follows the planning of Richard and Amber's royal wedding, while Amber realizes that becoming a member of the royal family will be much more difficult than she anticipated - duh. We could've told you that.

The movie looks heartwarming and heartbreaking. Amber's "image" is brought into question and she's even asked to shut down her infamous blog. But in the end, it looks like the Christmas holidays bring Amber and her in-laws together.

Naturally, everyone on Twitter is freaking out. It's almost Christmas, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding will be out on Netflix Canada very soon and we can officially start celebrating the holiday season!

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