Buckle up, Riverdale fans. A new teaser trailer is here and the rest of Season 2 looks absolutely nuts.

The murder mystery teen soap just dropped a 1 minute teaser for its upcoming mid-season premiere, and it is absolutely packed with edge-of-your-seat scenes. We're talking secret brothers, evil dads and teenage gang wars. Seriously, if you weren't already pumped for the rest of Riverdale's second season, you sure as hell will be after watching this video. 

After a month off the air, Riverdale is coming back with a new episode next week called "The Blackboard Jungle." Basically, Southside High has officially closed down and the Serpents are enrolling at Riverdale High. Throw in some increased tension between the Southside and Northside and a rivalry between Archie and Hiram Lodge and we have a recipe for one kickass season finale. 

The new teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of Archie and Hiram becoming bitter enemies, with Hiram telling Archie, "You're not good enough for my daughter," before holding him down in a headlock. But that's nothing compared to what is going to be hands down the craziest part of the show: the introduction of Betty's long-lost brother, Chic Cooper.

Via CW

The reunion is meant to be extremely dark, according to Betty actor Lili Reinhart, and we may finally get answers to our questions surrounding Chic's involvement in the Black Hood. Ever since it was announced he would be introduced this season, rumours started circulating among Riverdale fans that Betty's brother was the Black Hood suspect. And while the suspect was supposedly revealed last episode, many fans are confident that the murder mystery isn't fully solved yet.

But don't worry, the rest of Season 2 won't all be dark. Riverdale's teaser trailer has also given us hope for Bughead fans. While the fan-favourite couple broke up in the midseason finale, CW's latest trailer ends with Betty saying she's glad Jughead is back at Riverdale High. 

Yup, the rest of Season 2 is going to be absolutely insane.

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