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There's A New Reality Show Coming To MTV And It's Giving Us Some Serious "Big Brother" Vibes


Are you a "Big Brother" or "The Real World" fan? If so, MTV's brand new reality series may be for you! It has everything you need: snowboarding, mountains, the East Coast and a bunch of young twenty-something-year-olds partying their faces off.

MTV's original new series has the dramatic elements of "Big Brother" and the party environment from "The Real World". This series is a bit different from the regular MTV programming in that the show takes place during winter break at a ski resort in New York, Hunter Mountain, hence the name of the show "Winter Break: Hunter Mountain".

This reality series stars eight young adults spending their winter break at the Greene County ski resort. The group consists of TJ, Jeffrey, Alessandra, Jillian, Alex, Taylar, Marc and Carissa. All of cast members are from the East Coast and with four girls and four guys - there's definitely going to be drama, love and probably heartbreak.

If the show becomes a hit, I have a feeling Hunter Mountain will be at max capacity in no time, just as it did with the Jersey Shore and Siesta Key. Hunter Mountain will be the new trendy place to stay if you're vacationing for winter break. We all know about the crazy attention the TV shows brought to Florida and New Jersey. 

The show officially premieres on February 27th on MTV.

Source: Deadline Hollywood, MTV

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