As some of you may know, Netflix has been in the news a lot lately for both positive and negative reasons. They've been pushing out a lot of very diverse and engaging original content, but as of today, they've also increased their prices a substantial amount, making some users very upset. With these price increases, some users have decided it's time to talk about the new features they'd like to see added to the streaming service.

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Considering users having stuck with Netflix through all the ups and downs over the years, I don't think it's too much for us to make a few demands of our own. We've put up with the blocking of VPNs, the removal of our favourite shows, and just bad content in general, to name a few. Here are some features that users think would actually make Netflix better:

Ability to hide auto-playing trailers

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There's nothing worse than when you log into Netflix, and instantly you're bombarded with a video ad for a movie you have absolutely NO interest in watching. Netflix has been pushing these in our face a lot lately, whether it be while you're browsing through, looking for something to watch, or immediately after you've finished a movie. While these ads can sometimes be helpful in making a choice, an option to turn them off would be appreciated.

Ability to have and sort multiple lists

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I know that personally, I can get pretty annoyed with the current 'My List' feature on Netflix. Sure, you can add things to a list that you intend to watch later, but there's not really any way to organize it, which can be frustrating at times. The most ideal feature would be one that allows you to customize your own lists, so you don't have to spend hours searching for one. Make a movie playlist for your next Netflix n' Chill session, girls night, or movie night with the family!

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Social features and cool data

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I remember back in the day, when Netflix gave you the opportunity to check out what your Facebook friends were watching. This feature wasn't super amazing or anything, but it did give me the opportunity to lowkey judge some people on the weird things they spend their time watching. Users are saying that they would like to see more interactive user data, considering just how broad Netflix's user base really is.

Live 'tv channels' with pre-programmed content

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I'm a pretty indecisive person as is, so when it comes to picking a Netflix show, you best believe it'll take me an hour. Plenty of other people feel the exact same way as me, so users are suggesting that Netflix take the time to make a few pre-programmed channels that are the same nationwide. It sort of adds a sense of community to the streaming service, and allows users to talk about their experiences watching the same content.

An 'expiring soon' section

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I'm NOT entirely sold on this one, especially considering how hard the internet freaked out when Friends was almost removed from Netflix a few weeks ago. The "expiring soon" section could give users a chance to check out that movie they've been meaning to watch before it expires forever, OR it might prompt us to start watching a show just days before it's removed from Netflix - kind of a double-edged sword tbh.

In conclusion, I think that we can all agree that Netflix has some work to do. Sure, it's great that they're releasing trailers for new movies and TV shows almost every day, but we still want features that make the site easier to use, and most of all, worth every penny.

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