These Hidden Netflix Categories Reveal All The Serial Killer TV Shows And Movies You Can Binge Watch

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Are you obsessed with serial killer dramas? If so, you’ll definitely appreciate this helpful Netflix trick that will filter all of the serial killer content available for your streaming pleasure.

Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate through Netflix’s home page since only a limited number of categories show up. Such categories are based on your previous streaming choices and they may not always be exactly what you’re looking for.

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The secret to navigating deeper through Netflix is to use Netflix “codes”, or category-specific URLs that will link the viewer to unique sets of streamable content. These codes open up categories that may not be as easily accessible from your personalized Netflix homepage.

For lovers of a good murder mystery, horror/slasher flick or psychological drama,  here are some codes you can use to make your selection process a whole lot simpler:

Crime Dramas:

Crime Thrillers:

Crime TV Shows:

Courtroom Dramas:

Cult Horror Movies:

Psychological Thrillers:

Slasher/Serial Killer Movies:

TV Mysteries:

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