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This Bachelorette Contestant Is 100% The New Villain And Here's What We Know About Him

We smell trouble.

Every season of the Bachelorette has a villain. It's common knowledge. ABC producers love to keep the season spicy so they usually use someone with an "extra" personality as their season's scapegoat.

In previous seasons, we've had Corinne Olympios, Chad Johnson and most recently, Lee Garrett. Well, our villain for Becca's season has finally been revealed. It's Jordan Kimball.

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It all started on tonight's episode when Jordan revealed that he had 4000 matches on Tinder last year. Another contestant, David, called him out for having bad intentions and it all went downhill from there.

1. He's 26-years-old.

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2.  He has a Business Specialist certificate from the College of Central Florida. 

3. He's from Crystal River, Florida. 

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4. He's a "Wilhelmina Model"

This is actually a pretty big deal. Wilhelmina Models is known for signing some very famous models.

5. On Monday's episode, he revealed that he talks to God everyday. 

6. According to his Wilhelmina profile, he's 6" tall. 

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7. He's a momma's boy.

He's super close to his mom and claims that she's been a major moral support throughout his life.

8. He has 4000 matches on Tinder, just in case you missed that. 

9. His most recent campaign was with Quay Australia sunglasses.

The brand is known for collaborating with YouTubers and social media influencers.

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10. He loves carrot cupcakes.

If they're not carrot, he doesn't want it.

11. His Instagram is just a bunch of modeling shots.

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12. He has a wild side.

And he's definitely not afraid of snakes.

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13. He's always loved reality TV.

He posted this picture on Instagram after meeting Danny from Jersey Shore. #tshirttime. 

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