If you ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes of those glossy '80s magazine covers, this new Netflix documentary will tell you. 

Currently on Netflix - though you'd be forgiven if you've never noticed it before - is Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women. The documentary looks into the life of John Casablancas, the founder of Elite Models Management and a legend within the modelling industry.

Not familiar with him? John's Elite Models is the global powerhouse which launched the careers of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bundchen and Stephanie Seymour.

Showing footage of wild parties from all over the world during the '70s and '80s and clips of  modern supermodels, John Casablancas narrates the story while he reflects on his loose and lucrative career. 

It’s surely the stuff that teenagers' dreams are made of: Women, parties, millions in profit and luxury homes on several continents. But beyond that, the movie is our best glimpse into how one man managed to transform the modelling industry into a star-driven enterprise that made beautiful women into rich and famous celebrities.

Via Netflix

Despite his luxurious lifestyle, though, the man who redefined modelling seems to be quite a decent guy. One commenter on Netflix wrote: "I worked for his company in Toronto and met him a few times. Big ego, yes. Polite, attractive, yes. He changed the modelling industry in the late '70s and beyond. Models became branded and the supermodel era happened due to his efforts."

It's an excellent peak into the underworld of modelling. And you can watch it on Netflix Canada right now.

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