Game of Thrones has gone to some pretty serious lengths to stop spoilers from leaking about each upcoming season. They've filmed fake scenes, had actors deny rumours (ahem, Jon Snow) and decided against releasing media screeners ahead of time for upcoming episodes.

This year, outdoor filming is keeping long-lensed photographers farther back than they're used to being and scripts are supposedly electronic, only accessed inside certain wifi codes

Season seven of GoT was, as we all remember, plagued by spoilers and leaks, so HBO has done everything it can to make sure it doesn't happen again. And they were succeeding, until now.

There's one set that is fascinating GoT fans more than any other building that has been going up inside the walls of Titanic studios, where the show is shot. Sets at Titanic studios are usually meant for parts of the series we're meant to know nothing about to ensure exceptional privacy.

But this set is so big that it sticks out over the tops of the gates. Drone cameras and long-lens photographers have found it easy to photograph, and it's pretty obvious what it is. It's King's Landing. That's not the surprising part.

In the past, filming at King's Landing has always been on location at historical buildings, but this year, the actual sets were built. Why? Because they're going to burn it all down to the ground. And not only that: it’s going to be burned down by dragons.

Controlled fire tests are reportedly taking place on the set right now, confirming that King’s Landing will burn.

This isn't going to be CGI wildfire like they did in Season 6, either. We're talking major pyrotechnics here. AKA - Real fire. 

So is it Cersei? Will she finally go mad and burn King's Landing to the ground herself? Is it Daenerys? Is she going to turn her dragons south and become Queen of the Ashes?

Or maybe it will be Daenerys' dead dragon Viserion? We already know he's burned The Wall, and the Knight King is riding him farther south as we speak. Either way, someone is burning King's Landing to the ground and it's going to be epic.

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