Netflix hand-picks the shows to put on to the streaming service, and sometimes you wonder why they chose that one. While we all wait for One Tree Hill to be put on to Netflix, they keep adding new stuff every single week. Well, they just added a show with Rupert Grint from Harry Potter and Lindsay Lohan and... it's definitely not what you think. 

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This dramedy called Sick Note is all about a boy named Daniel Grass who is misdiagnosed with cancer, but before he was misdiagnosed his life was in shambles. His girlfriend was done with him, he was just about ready to get fired, and his life just wasn't working out. So when he announces he has cancer, all of those things turn around. 

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Sick Note really plays with the 'people will feel bad for you' card if you become sick. Which, I must admit, is super cringy. Rupert Grint's character gets his very unqualified doctor to play along with him and pretend he still has cancer, and once this is all over the doctor named Dr. Iain Glennis will announce he is cured. 

This show portrays how a compulsive liar's life can really get messed up. There is a lot of lying in this show and to keep the secret they must turn to crime. However, it may be worth it to watch it and stick it out, because Lindsay Lohan shows up as his new boss in season 2. And really, we haven't seen Lindsay Lohan act in a while. So it's definitely worth it. 

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Maybe you won't find it as cringe-worthy as I do, but if you're a big Harry Potter fan, then this is nothing like that. But it's definitely worth a try to see Ron Weasley Rupert Grint acting in a comedy and Lindsay Lohan back to her roots when she's not weirdly dancing in Mykonos. You can watch the trailer below and stream Sick Note on Netflix Canada now. 

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