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This New Netflix Crime Documentary Is So F*cked Up That You Can't Stop Watching

We can't believe this actually happened.

A lot of people today seem to be obsessed with crime stories, and to be honest, we don't really blame them! There's something so enticing about understanding how a criminal's brain works, and how exactly their crimes came to fruition. 

Netflix just recently released a new documentary called 'Evil Genius', and it tells the story of what just may be the most f*cked up, confusing bank robbery in American history.

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As you watch the documentary, you'll see that the story starts with a pizza delivery man being taken hostage, having a bomb strapped around his neck, and being forced to rob a bank. We don't want to spoil too much, but I'm sure you can already tell it becomes a pretty messed up situation.

We're not the only ones who see the hype surrounding this documentary. Fans have taken to Twitter to share just how captivated, interested, and totally mindf*cked that they are after watching:

Even Twitter Queen, Chrissy Teigen, had to weigh in on the crazy show:

If you're brave enough to try watching, you can find the documentary here.

This was originally written for Narcity Quebec by Naomi Lavoie.

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