Netflix has been creating a lot of amazing original content lately, and we can't help but notice that a lot of it has to do with crime. Ever since Making A Murderer blew up, so many other insane, super f*cked up shows have been popping up left, right and centre!

The newest crime series to hit Netflix is called 'The Staircase', and it's based on the story of a man who is accused of murdering his wife on... You guessed it, a staircase. In the trailer, it shows that many people are divided on whether Michael Peterson really murdered his wife or not:

As you watch the very intense trailer, we find out that a second woman faced a similar untimely death to Michael's wife, and so the investigation suddenly takes an even darker twist, as people begin to question whether he should be blamed for that too! The whole series is totally addicting, and has Twitter SHOOK:

If you choose to watch, get ready to flip flop from one side to the other while we unveil all the clues in what really happened to Michael Peterson's wife. There are 13 episodes to watch, so don't make any weekend plans just yet!

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