Do you ever watch a movie and feel exactly what the person is feeling in the story? For me, if someone feels sad, happy, anxious, etc., I definitely feel that too. Well, a new movie on Netflix Canada will make you feel another type of way. This new thriller on Netflix Canada will make you feel SO claustrophobic

Thrillers, in my personal opinion, are the best kinds of movies out there. Being on the edge of your seat, waiting for something shocking to happen, it's the best! Well, all of those things happen in a new movie on Netflix Canada called 10X10

10X10 is a movie about a man, who is a 'normal' guy. For some reason, he kidnaps a woman and brings her back to his house where he puts her in a small room that is soundproof. At first, she thinks he has no motive until he starts asking her questions. The room, as you can imagine, is super small, hence the name of the movie. 

Via Netflix

Starring Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly, this movie will have you on your toes and feeling super claustrophobic all at once. For a movie that wasn't really talked about, it did get a super high rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The score was 75%, and the reviews are actually pretty great!

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If you want a suspenseful movie to watch, I would suggest 10X10. There are so many twists and turns in the storyline! You can watch the trailer for it below, but definitely don't watch it alone before bed. Just saying. 

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