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This Reddit Thread Lists The Most Disturbing Movies Of All Time And They're Weird As F*ck

Only watch these if you're feeling seriously brave.

With movies being so easily accessible, it's hard not to find yourself constantly procrastinating by watching them! I know I spend a lot of time watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even just streaming things online.

What fascinates me about our generation's movie habits though, is that we almost go out looking to be disturbed. I have plenty of friends who love watching serial killer documentaries, horror films, and just generally disturbing content. Even though we know it will leave us feeling unsettled, we still go out looking for it.

I recently came across a Reddit thread which lists some infamous disturbing movies that will shake you up for unconventional reasons. These movies are focused less on gore, blood, violence, and other provocative subject matter, and more on the deep, thoughtful, f*cked up parts of human nature that really shake us up at our core.

Next time you're planning a Netflix night in, and don't mind being shaken up after watching something, check out our list and choose one of these amazing, unsettling films:


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The main reason that people find this movie so creepy is that it's very realistic. People everywhere are dying due to an unidentifiable illness, and that alone is more than enough to creep some people out. In a lot of ways, the film mirrors what happens in real life when disease spreads and kills people very quickly.


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A movie about Formula 1 racing may not seem disturbing, but 'Rush' has some scenes that stick with viewers long past the final credits. In particular, there's one scene where Daniel Bruhl is getting his lungs vacuumed out in a hospital bed that's particularly graphic, but shows just how determined he was to beat his rival.

The Hunt

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This film tells the story of a man who lives a fairly sad life, struggling for his son's custody and living alone. Eventually his life turns around and gets better as he finds love and receives good news, but of course, an innocent white lie ruins everything. What people find most disturbing about this movie is how real it is, and how easily one's life can be ruined with something as small as a lie.


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Shame is a film that talks about how a person's need for sex can destroy them, and that's why people find it so disturbing. The Reddit thread says "it managed to make copious sex and threesomes with beautiful people deeply unsettling and unsexy." Other's say that the movie would be too awkward to watch with anyone, so it's best watched alone.


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As a Journalism major myself, I've had to watch this movie several times for school projects, and it's never been easy. The film tells the story of how reporters at 'The Boston Globe' uncovered the mass amounts of child molestation that had been occurring within the Catholic Church. This is another one of those films that's disturbing because it's unbelievably real.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

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One Reddit user said, "I felt so strange for days after [We Need to Talk About Kevin]. It really affected my mood." The film tells the story of a mother's relationship with her son, Kevin, whom she's always thought of as a bit strange. As Kevin grows older their relationship continues to strain, even though nobody else in her life understands why. The movie has been described as "haunting", and you'll definitely want to watch to find out why.


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The reason this film is so disturbing is because it shows exactly just how far people are willing to go to please "authority" figures. In the movie, a fast food manager gets a call from a "police officer" saying that one of the young female employees has stolen from a customer. The manager believes the person on the other end of the phone, and the young employee is picked up and exploited by numerous people who are tricked into believing the "police" scammers.

The Truman Show

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Many people mistake this film for a comedy, as it stars classic funny-man Jim Carrey. On the contrary though, it's actually quite horrifying. Carrey plays a character who discovers that his entire life has actually been a television show, which horrifies audiences so much because they begin to compare it to their own personal lives. One really never knows if their relationships with others are real, because you never know what another person is thinking.

The Big Short

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People may not think that a movie about the U.S. mortgage crisis could be disturbing, but Reddit users say that audiences leaving this phone were beyond quiet and somber when thinking about the realities of the situation. The film shows just how much human greed can impact us as a race and just how dire the consequences can be.


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I'm scared of math as is, so it really didn't take much to convince me that this film could be disturbing. Pi tells the story of a mathematician who spends his days searching for a key number that may just unlock universal patterns that surround us. The amount of obsession he has for uncovering this number is beyond disturbing to watch, and other mathematicians say it's incredibly realistic. 

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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I remember reading this book, and watching the movie when I was in middle school, and to this day it still leaves me feeling unsettled. Seeing as it's told through the eyes of a young boy, the story itself is quite heartwarming, especially when you see the friendship that develops between two young boys. The final scene though, is enough to shake you up for years to come.

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