There is nothing better than watching a movie when you want to escape your own reality. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a good rom com. Even better than that, I always love watching a film that's shot in hometown so I can casually point out all the obvious landmarks in the background. 

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Well, if you like romantic comedies, you may recognize the streets of Toronto in a new movie releasing this weekend. "Little Italy" comes out on August 24 and has tons of ties to Canada. 

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Not only was the movie shot entirely in Toronto, it also stars Hayden Christensen who is actually from Vancouver, BC. You may recognize him from his major role-playing Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) in "Star Wars" episodes two and three.

Christensen plays Leo Campo and stars alongside Emma Roberts, who plays Nikki Angioli. The film tells a story very similar to Shakespeares "Romeo and Juliet," only with less death and more pizza. 

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The movie also stars Andrew Phung, who most people know as Kimchee on the CBC comedy "Kim's Convenience." He plays Luigi, a friend of Leo. 

It also includes acting veterans Alyssa Milano, known for her roles in "Charmed" and the new controversial Netflix series "Insatiable", and Jane Seymour from "Jane The Virgin" and "Wedding Crashers." Plus the comedian Adam Ferrara is also part of the family!  

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The film had its premiere event on August 22 at the Scotiabank Theatre on John Street in Toronto. The cast came out to the event to watch the film in the city it was created in. 

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Believe it or not, even Ludacris gave "Little Italya shout out! His friend and fellow Canadian, Vinay Virmani is a producer on the film. 

Whether you love a good love story or just want to see how many places you recognize from around the city, it's nice to see more Hollywood movies being shot in Canada!  

The romantic comedy "Little Italyis releasing in Canadian theatres on August 24 and in American Theatres on September 21. 

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