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This Terrifying Horror App Tells You A Ghost Story By Tracking Your Location

It's the story that scares you a little too close to home.

Remember those apps that tell you a scary story? They usually come in the form of a mobile app and have you tap to continue reading by the page or text. If you haven't tried those apps already, you've more than likely seen them in passing. Well I'm about ready to delete those apps (and forbid myself of all scary movies for a week) thanks to this one story that takes the crown. 

The app/story is called Breathe. It's an interactive Ghost Story written by Kate Pullinger. Now when we say interactive, we don't simply mean you get to pick two choices and hope you don't get spooked. By giving the app access to your camera and location, certain aspects of the story will change to give you a horrifying experience right in your neighbourhood (literally!). 

Via Breathe

Via Breathe

I decided to put the story to the test myself - I was just lucky I read it in my morning and not a quarter to midnight. Yes, those are all locations central to my home - it's actually found my elementary school. And yes, I was severely spooked. 

Via Breathe

Without giving too much away, the story also relies on your touch, allowing you to discover more of the story by exploring the bodies of text and finding hidden dialogue. It's eerie, features a gripping plot, and possibly the best and scariest story I've ever read through a mobile app. So wait until it's nice and dark, close all the lights, and prepare to get scared. 

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