Game of Thrones' finale may not be making an appearance until 2019, but that hasn't stopped fans from guessing the final fate of its characters in Season 8.

Luckily, Queen of GoT Spoilers herself Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) has done some of the work for us. 

Appearing on British station BBC Radio 1, Williams took part in the new celebrity Q&A show Heart Rate Monitor Challenge where was had to answer questions while hooked up to a — you guessed it — heart rate monitor.

Naturally, host Nick Grimshaw tried his best to squeeze some GoT information out of her, and the results are absolutely nail-biting. 

Enlisting the help of Oscar winner and Maisie's co-star Eddie Redmayne, the pair asked the Thrones star if she knew how the HBO smash hit ended, to which she responded: "Oh, yeah".

When Eddie inquired if her "character ends up bossing it as Queen of the whole Seven Kingdoms," her heart rate slowed down, so we can probably through this theory out of the window. Arya Stark will not be ruling Westeros. Going on to ask if "the White Walkers kill everyone and have a big old party," Maisie responded with a smile and spike in heart rate. So, that probably doesn't happen either. 

Via hbo

Finally, he proposes that Arya "and Hot Pie become a thing, get it on, have kids, the full works." Her heart rate did go up and she broke into laughter. So either Maisie Williams has a serious thing for Hot Pie or she's aware that the theory is ridiculous. 

Here's to hoping that Arya and Hot Pie really do get together in the end. 

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