Seems like a ton of cool cats and kittens loved this original series. Tiger King ratings may not have skyrocketed the moment the series hit the platform, but by its third day, it was on track to top Netflix’s most popular originals. Now, after three weeks, it’s surpassed the numbers set by the streaming platform's hit show Stranger Things.

If you’ve yet to watch the trending docu-series, Tiger King follows Joe Exotic, a polyamorous zoo owner. Specializing in exotic cats, he fights against a campaign arranged by enemy Carole Baskin aimed at shutting down his business under the claims that it harbours animal abuse. The seven-episode series documents both sides of the claims eventually leading up to Exotic being accused of planning Baskin’s death.

According to Variety, when the series first hit the platform, it averaged a mediocre 741,000 different viewers.

However, by the time Tiger King reached its tenth day on the platform, it had ramped up 34.3 million different viewers. That’s over 3 million more than the premiere of Stranger Things season 2 and just under Stranger Things season 3’s 36.3 million viewers.

It also matched Stranger Things' record when it came to how many viewers were watching the series per minute. In the first week of its premiere, it gathered an audience of 19 million viewers per minute compared to the 17.5 million awarded to Stranger Things 2 and the 20.5 million reached by Stranger Things 3.

The show has also been on Netflix’s Top 10 list for the past two weeks and may not be leaving the spot at the top anytime soon. It was reported just a few days ago that another episode of Tiger King could be coming to Netflix “very soon.”

Producers of the docu-series also admitted they’re not ruling out any type of sequel in the future saying the story is still unfolding and that there is a “crazy amount of footage” that has yet to be seen.

You can stream all seven episodes of the documentary on Netflix.

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