By now, you're probably aware that half of the internet is obsessed with Birdboxand the other half is freaking out over Black Mirror's newest interactive film, Bandersnatch. While the reviews on Bandersnatch thus far have been pretty mixed, there's one thing for certain - Twitter has found a new Netflix boy to obsess over. 

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If you've watched Bandersnatch, you're likely familiar with the character Colin Ritman. A lot of people are applauding Black Mirror for how well written Ritman is as a character, and how he just has the power to KNOW exactly what's going on and that multiple realities exist within the film.

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Colin Ritman is played by actor Will Poulter, who you may remember from Maze Runner and We're the Millers. You may also remember a point in time when the internet literally spent their days laughing at memes of this man's eyebrows.

The tables have definitely turned though, because now people are thirsting HARD over Will Poulter and his eyebrows. If we're being honest, I really don't get the hype, but I do find it entertaining. Here are some of my favourite tweets about Colin Ritman:

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