With so many streaming services out (and more on the way), you'd think people would be tired of shows on actual TV. Nope, with all the Netflix and Hulu originals out there, we still crave those old fashioned shows that come on our favorite channels. For Georgians and fans everywhere, we're going to have to wait even longer for our beloved Atlanta season 3 to come out and fans are not taking it well. 

Multi-talented screenwriter Donald Glover created this amazing show and fans feel like he's slowly taking it away. Atlanta, which premiered on FX in 2016, chronicles the dangerous life and too funny to be real moments of local rapper Paper Boi (played by Brain Tyree Henry) and his forever struggling manager and cousin, Earn (played by Glover). 

Fans related to these characters on a multitude of levels. Paper Boi being "famous" locally, but wanting to growing outside of the walls of Atlanta is a story and life that many Atlantan musicians live right now.

With the music industry booming here, and classic artists like Outkast coming from these very streets, it's easy to see the possibility of getting out of the A. 

Earn is a well-hearted Atlantan who truly tried his best, but unfortunately does so like a deer caught in headlights, so his best is just never quite enough. Money is a constant struggle and his only true option is to get Paper Boi out of Georgia and into the face of major music players.

Season 2 ends with the beginning of this happening; Paper Boi books a nation-wide tour with another local rapper who's fame is growing a bit more quicker than his. Without giving any spoilers (just in case you want to catch up), the season leaves fans with a crazy cliffhanger and thinking "WTF?"

The last episode premiered May 2018 and fans have been not-so-patiently waiting for news on the season 3 release date. Well, they received their much awaited answer from  FX chairman John Landgraf on his Television Critics Association winter press tour yesterday (Jan. 9).

Fans can expect to see new episodes of season 3 in January 2021, and season 4 is slated to premiere fall of next year as well. So while watchers are getting wo seasons in a year (supposedly), fans are absolutely tired of waiting. 

Diehard-watchers complained ferverishly under Lakeith Stanfield's Instagram post that pictured the main cast with the 2021 announcement along with a mere smiley emoji in the caption.

Comments (over 2,200 of them) were filled with "I've lost momentum.. On to something new. It was good while it lasted tho.." which Lakeith replies (and with the same sentiment to many others), "oh you gunna get that momentum back don't trip." 

With so much time in between now and then, you have all the time to catch up on all the other seasons along with all the other great scripted shows streaming right now, because there are truly hundreds.


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