The 1995 crime-fighting film franchise Bad Boys was a major hit and here we are years later waiting patiently for the third reimagined sequel to have us giggling on the edge of our seats. Will Smith is a literal legend and he and his partner, Martin Lawrence, return as the iconic partners-in-crime duo for Bad Boys For Life, filming in Atlanta. A brand new trailer was just released, further proving that the pair is major best friend goals. 

Bad Boys For Life has been filming in Atlanta since January. The third production follows the original 1995 Bad Boys and the 2003 Bad Boys II with all new hilarious adventures from the iconic duo, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) who play detectives. The crime-fighting partners in the Miami police department experience crazy adventures on their quest to bust drug-related crime in the city.

They face hilariously unfortunate obstacles along the way, making the franchise a successful film series that clearly leaves fans wanting more.

The first trailer, full of Atlanta landmarks in the background, was released in September and a brand new one was released yesterday. These teasers are hilarious all by themselves, making us antsy to see what inevitable, chuckle-worthy moments will unfold in the film, which is expected to debut in January 2020.

Will Smith, who is super active (and super entertaining) on social media, is not afraid to show his followers what's going on in his life. His recent Instagram post revealed all the fun vibes on set for Bad Boys For Life as he jokes around with co-star Martin Lawrence and Coming to America 2 star Eddie Murphy, both currently filming at Tyler Perry Studios. 

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens also plays a role in Bad Boys For Life so keep your eye out for filming sites at or around Tyler Perry Studios. Who knows, you may "casually" bump into the cast (or "casually" bump into the Atlanta United team at these Atlanta hangout spots).

For more production news in and around Atlanta, check out these alleged Stranger Things 4 filming locations and these stars who are in Georgia filming major productions this season.

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