We all remember the good old days of Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher (who we low key wanted to marry). The hilarious early 2000s MTV hidden camera show centered around pranking celebs, but it's 2019 now and there's a new prank show taking over television. Prank Encounters, hosted by Gaten Matarazzo of Stranger Things is a new Netflix series and it's absolutely hilarious (and kind of spooky).

We instantly fell in love with Dustin (played by Gaten Matarazzo) the second we laid eyes on him in Stranger Things season one. His adorable gummy smile, curly hair and infectious laugh had us all wanting to give him a big hug. Our favorite character is now making more money moves with endeavors branching away from the '80s Sci-Fi favorite.

Prank Encounters, filmed in Georgia, debuted last month (Oct. 25) on Netflix. The show has already won the world over with its hilarious and carefully crafted pranks that are just as scary as they are funny. Unlike Punk'd, Gaten targets regular people who think they've signed up for odd jobs and their reactions will have you ROFL'ing. These poor people nearly have a heart attack. Talented actors accompany the scene, making the scenarios all too real.

Gaten sits in a hidden mobile studio with his headphones on, watching the hidden camera footage on a screen.

He pays close attention as the plan unrolls, plotting his appearance to reveal the prank.

With creative pranks like a giant possessed teddy bear and a sick patient who has been kidnapped, you'll get your comedy fix AND your horror fix all in one place.

The best part is being able to hear Gaten's iconic, precious laugh throughout the show and the inevitable question after the big reveal: "Wait, are you the guy from Stranger Things?"

Speaking of Stranger Things, filming for season 4 has allegedly already begun in Georgia. To guarantee a more personal experience with celebs, you can attend Nick Cannon's Wild 'n Out in Atlanta for FREE next month.

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