Beyoncé has been the queen forever and when she says something is cool, we know it’s ice cold. Over the weekend, Houston-based artist Lizzo was performing at the Made in America Music Festival and she got the best surprise ever.

Lizzo posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption “Swipe to lose your f*cking mind 🐝.” And boy did we ever! The second picture showed a happy Beyoncé with her husband Jay-Z seemingly enjoying the high energy concert. We love two queens supporting each other and so does the internet. Celebrities and fans alike lost their minds in the comments section. 

SZA has the perfect response saying, "My soul zoomed in." Meek Mill also commented, “You know this my hood right 😂😂😂😂"  to which Lizzo said “WYA” ... Possible collab, maybe? It isn’t known just yet if Beyoncé and Lizzo hung out after the performance but we sure hope so. 

Beyonce was not set to perform at the Made In America festival but she seemed to be having an amazing time looking fabulous and enjoying tons of great music.

At the event, Beyonce even got a special surprise treat when a team sang her Happy Birthday (it's on Sept. 4). We can only hope that we see tons of pics with Lizzo and Beyonce celebrating in the near future. 

Beyonce is originally from Houston and Lizzo spent much of her childhood here so it warms our Texan hearts to see these two Texas queens supporting one another. While Beyonce doesn't have any announced tours at the moment, Lizzo does have tour dates all over the country with her Texas dates starting in October.

Lizzo is still juicy, Beyonce is still flawless, and our fan hearts could not be any happier. Houston artists continue to prove they rule the world and we are here for it.

If you love Lizzo and you love Houston, you can see what she had to say about Houston girls here.

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