The hit show YOU on Netflix is nothing short of controversial. Whether you like Joe or not, you should realize his traits are not normal at all, even though he is good looking. The controversy around the show really does stem from fans loving Joe, even though he is manipulative, a murderer, a stalker, and waaay more. Think about it. Wasn't Ted Bundy's whole story based off the fact that he was admired by women everywhere, even though he was a serial killer? Well, viewers are convinced Joe in Netflix's YOU is inspired by Ted Bundy, and they're definitely right. 

While the writers and producers of the show have not come out and said that he was inspired by Bundy, Joe's character has way too many of the same traits to be a coincidence. If you've watched YOU as well as Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, you'd realize the two men are scarily similar, despite some very opposite traits. 

While they may have a few obvious things in common, the things fans noticed are pretty small. In YOU, randomly or not, Candace refers to Joe as 'bunny'. And if you watched the Ted Bundy docu-series on Netflix, you'd know that he had that exact nickname. This time, it was his wife Carole who called him that. 

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Even their body images were similar. Both small, frail, and had unkempt hair most of the time. On social media, fans went crazy over this theory. I mean, let's face it, despite their charming personalities, they do have a ton of similarities. A Reddit user said, "I was watching the new Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix and something really stuck out to me. Apparently, Carol Boone, his advocate and wife, called Ted 'Bunny'." 

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The thing is is that we probably wouldn't have noticed these similar traits if the Ted Bundy docu-series on Netflix didn't exist. However, another Reddit user said: "Joe gave me Bundy vibes as soon I started watching the show. An iconic car, messy brown hair, good looking, charming, intelligent. Maybe they purposely painted him that way, took inspo." So, take what you will from it, but I think all serial killers and murders have a few things in common for sure. 

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