Yesterday, on International Women's Day, it was announced that Wonder Woman officially comes to Netflix Canada next month, on April 29. Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the film tells the story of an Amazonian warrior who leaves home to fight in a war and essentially save the world. 

Given the title and whole premise of the film, the announcement date coinciding with International Women's Day makes sense. It's more than just the title though, the film itself made history as a female-dominated movie. 

First off, the weekend it opened back in June 2017, it quickly became the female-directed film with the highest earning opening weekend. The film also became the highest earning superhero movie with a female lead, beating out Catwoman, Ghost In The Shell, and throwbacks like Sheena

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Beyond making lots of money, the film also was really well received by audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes Wonder Woman has a score of 93% meaning it's certified fresh. It also has a high audience review rating, with 88% of people approving of the film. 

Despite the good numbers and positive reviews of the film, Netflix Canada's announcement wasn't met with overwhelming enthusiasm. In fact, it seems like some people are already over it. 

While some Canadians responded to the Wonder Woman news with excitement, saying how much they loved the film, a number of people were actually pretty indifferent.

Part of the reason could be that the film is almost two years old now or that it's already been on Crave, one of Netflix's main competitors, for a while now. 

Others weren't excited either, pointing out that instead of making people wait almost two months, the film should've been available on International Women's Day. 

Of course, there were also Canadians who offered up questions and suggestions of other content they would rather see come to Netflix Canada instead of Wonder Woman. 

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The official release date for Wonder Woman on Netflix Canada is April 29. 

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