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Environment Canada Just Issued A Warning That Ontario Is Going To Be Hit With An Intense Freezing Rain Storm

While it took a while for the real cold to set it, it seems that Ontario is finally entering the beginning of winter this weekend. Meaning that whether you like it or not, it's time to bring out your heavy-duty coats and boots for the happiest, but also coldest time of the year.

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Naturally, the weather gods seem to be kicking off December with a bang this weekend. The intense weather has resulted in Environment Canada issuing a warning to locals regarding an incoming storm that's set to hit the province. 

Welcome to December! Ice covered trees (Mississippi River). Today will be lovely. Finally some ☀️. High near 3° w/light winds. Now the bad news.. Freezing rain is on the way. A WARNING is in effect. Starts after 12am & lasts well into Sun morn.

December 1, 2018

Throughout today Ontarians can expect some sun and a high of 2 degrees, but if you had late night plans this weekend, you may want to reconsider swapping those with a night spent in watching Netflix on the couch. Seeing as a freezing rain storm is expected to hit Saturday night and last through Sunday morning. 

Thankfully the storm itself isn't meant to hit until 11 PM tonight at the earliest where it will start off with a couple centimetres of snow before turning into hours of freezing rain. Though this does mean you'll want to exercise caution if you are up and around tonight, or even Sunday morning considering roads and sidewalks will likely still be slippery. 

As of now, the areas expecting the weather are Southern and Eastern Ontario as well as Ottawa. So if you are in those areas, expect a cold welcome to the Winter season and get ready to dig your Winter boots out from the back of your closet, because you're going to need them! 

Source:CBC News, CBC News

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