Winter Is Waging War On Canada With Weather Warnings In Every Province & Territory But One

It's getting wild out here!
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Environment Canada Weather Warnings Are Active In Almost Every Province & Territory

It’s been a wintry start to the new decade across the country, and it’s beginning to look like the season's crazy conditions are only going to get worse. In fact, according to Environment Canada’s weather warnings on Thursday, there’s only one place in the whole country that’s pleasant-ish to be in right now, and that’s New Brunswick!

Across the rest of the country though, things aren't looking so hot. Every other Canadian province and territory has some kind of weather warning, statement or advisory in place from the government agency.

With everything from storm surges and blizzards, to hurricane-force winds and extreme cold in the forecast, the country is currently facing the worst possible weather conditions.

In Western Canada, Yukon and the Northwest Territories deal with the bone-chilling Arctic temps, meanwhile, Newfoundland is bracing for a blizzard with up to 70 cm of snow.

Over in Nova Scotia, serious wind is posing a threat to locals, while Ontario’s snow squall is expected to dangerously reduce visibility in the province.

As winter wages war on the majority of our home and native land, it's New Brunswick who has the least-concerning weather right now.

That said, with temperatures in the province sitting around -8 C and snowfall still expected in the region, it's hardly ideal conditions!

Wherever you are in the Great White North right now, here's a look at what's going on across the rest of the country in the coming hours and days.


If you’re in Alberta, you might want to grab your coat, hat, scarf and gloves, and that’s just to sit inside!

Almost the whole of the province is under an “extreme cold” advisory right now, and Environment Canada is predicting temperatures will plummet somewhere between -45 and -50 C.

These bone-chilling conditions are expected to last throughout the weekend, and into Sunday in some areas.

The government's report warns locals to look out for symptoms of extreme-cold, such as chest pain, numbness and colour change in fingers and toes.

Yikes. Stay warm Alberta.

British Columbia

As far as the weather is concerned, there’s a bit of everything going on over in British Columbia.

Alongside several extreme cold warnings across the region, there’s also a snow storm expected for the Boundary area of the province.

A Pacific storm is expected to drop heavy snow in some parts of the region, with total snowfall accumulations of up to 40 cm.

Additionally, there’s an arctic outflow warning in place for the central coast, as well as a snowfall advisory for Fraser Canyon and other areas.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also a blizzard statement in place, cautioning of gusty winds and visibility near zero.


Similar to Alberta, it’s going to get pretty chilly in Manitoba over the next few days.

According to a new set of statements from Environment Canada, “a period of very cold wind chills is expected,” and temperatures may feel even lower than -50 C.

Their report reminds locals that extreme negative temps “puts everyone at risk,” and that frostbit can develop within moments on exposed skin.

If you had plans to do literally anything out of the house this weekend, cancel them Manitoba!

Newfoundland and Labrador

Brace yourselves Newfoundland, a storm is a-brewing!

The government agency is telling locals to prepare for an enormous blizzard on Thursday, as several serious weather warnings have been issued across the Avalon Peninsula, Burin, Bonavista, Clarenville, and St. John's.

Hurricane-strength winds of up to 140 km/h are expected on Thursday night, with up to 70 cm of blowing snow in the Avalon and Bonavista regions.

The wild conditions will begin on Thursday afternoon, lasting through Friday and potentially even into the weekend.

Nova Scotia

For Nova Scotians, it seems there’s going to be wind, wind and a little more wind.

According to Environment Canada’s wind warning, which is in place in several areas across the province, northerly winds of up to 100 km/h are on their way, affecting eastern mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island.

Beginning on Thursday night, the strong gusts will continue into Friday evening, making driving conditions increasingly dangerous.


For Ontario south, there’s a number of snow squall warnings in place, which will significantly reduce visibility in the affected areas.

Around 15 cm of snowfall is predicted in southern Ontario over the next 24 hours, and strong winds of up to 50 km/h will cause areas of blowing snow.

Because local travel is expected to be so hazardous, the government recommends postponing non-essential trips until conditions improve on Friday.

Prince Edward Island

In comparison with the rest of the country, things are looking pretty good over in P.E.I.

There’s only one Environment Canada advisory in place, and it’s a “special weather statement” in effect for Kings County.

Strong winds of up to 90 km/h are coming, causing higher than normal water levels along the north coast.

This will cause tall waves, which could turn into coastal flooding and overwash. The highest risk will be on Thursday night and Friday.

Stay away from the shoreline, islanders!


Can you feel the chill yet, Quebec?

According to Environment Canada, freezing temperatures are heading your way over the next 48 hours, with lows of -45 C on Thursday night and Friday morning.

While the advisories are mainly in place in southern Quebec, the northern region of Fermont is also likely to be affected.

A period of very cold wind chills is also expected, which will make the painful conditions feel even worse.


For residents of Saskatchewan, it’s looking like a chilly weekend ahead.

According to the government agency’s extreme cold weather warnings, which are in place across the majority of the province, temperatures will drop to -50 C overnight on Thursday, with conditions improving by Friday morning.

Sadly though, they will drop significantly again by Friday night, with the frigid feelings “likely to persist through the weekend.”

Cancel your plans and stay home, -50 C is too bitter to do anything!

Northwest Territories

If it was a cold competition, the Northwest Territories would definitely win.

According to their Environment Canada warning, temperatures will plummet to -55 C over the next 24 hours, as a “multi-day episode” of freezing wind chill continues.

Thankfully, cloud cover from the north should improve conditions in the next day or so.


For Iqaluit, it’s yet another day of below-bearable conditions.

A period of very cold wind chills is predicted on Thursday morning, as wind chill values place temperatures below -50 C.

Stay snuggly, Nunavut!


Like a lot of the country, it’s also bitterly cold over in Yukon.

As temperatures sit around -45 C, Environment Canada urges locals to stay warm, and stay indoors where possible.

Weather statements remain in place for the regions of Dawson, Whitehorse, Mayo and more, and residents are reminded to monitor alerts and forecasts on the government agency’s website.

You can check the government's up-to-date weather advisories by clicking here.

Wherever you are in Canada this week, wrap up warm and stay safe!

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