Etch A Sketch Is Getting A Makeover & OMG We Need One

Time for some drawing!
Etch A Sketch Is Getting A Makeover & OMG We Need One

If there's one toy that arty kids loved to get their hands on, it was the Etch A Sketch. If you were skilled enough, you could create some incredible images with just two knobs. Now, Canadians can relive the joy of Etch A Sketching with new models for its 60th anniversary.

A Canadian-founded toy company, Spin Master, has partnered the classic plaything with a number of other recognizable names and brands to bring back the memories of creating line-drawing masterpieces.

"The Etch A Sketch® drawing toy is one of only a handful of breakthrough toys that's popularity spans generations," Arlene Biran, VP of Marketing for Activities and Building Sets, Spin Master said in a statement.

"It is a timeless toy that encourages creativity on a magic screen that doesn't need WIFI. Our series of limited-edition collaborations with other inspiring and imaginative classics honors 60 years of unplugged creativity."

The new models introduced for the anniversary edition include collaborations with Monopoly (which is celebrating its own 85-year milestone in 2020), Rubik's Cube, NASA, and even Stan Lee.

These special versions are each available for $19.99.

There's also a new diamond edition Etch A Sketch with a sleek design, black case, and custom crystal knobs for $29.99.

All of these fun new models will be made available in limited quantities throughout the year, as well as on July 12, which was the first day the toy was ever sold.

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The famous toy was invented in the 1950s by André Cassagnes, a French electrician, and first introduced to the world at the 1959 Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

It was first sold by the Ohio Toy Company in 1960, but the brand was bought by Spin Master, a Canadian toy company, in 2016. 

That's the company that's giving the classic game and makeover now. 

With one of the new designs paying homage to Stan Lee, artist Howard Lee took on the challenge of drawing Marvel heroes on an Etch A Sketch in a 2019 YouTube video.

While most of us would have been happy just to be able to draw a circle (heck, even a diagonal line would have been impressive), Lee creates sketches of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wolverine.

As Stan Lee might have said, "excelsior!"

Another artist has even taken her skills to the next level, becoming known as "Princess Etch."

Jane Labowitch has created numerous art pieces solely in the medium of Etch A Sketch, and has even made thousands of dollars off of her work.

As some YouTube commenters joked, an earthquake would probably be her greatest fear.

Consider our nostalgia totally peaked. How will anyone get anything done when there's so much doodling to do?