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Eugene Levy Is Speaking Out Against Ontario's Autism Cuts For Creating A "Living Hell"

"We need this Conservative government to right this wrong."
Eugene Levy Says Ontario Autism Cuts Have Made Families' Lives A "Living Hell"

Eugene Levy may be mostly known for his comedic roles in projects like Schitt's Creek and the American Pie films, but he is also an outspoken advocate for people with autism. Eugene Levy talked autism funding in Ontario on CTV's Your Morning along with autism advocate, Brenda Deskin.

The two discussed how the autism funding cuts in Ontario were hurting families who had previously been receiving the help they needed. "We need this Conservative government to right this wrong," Levy said on Your Morning.

Deskin (who is also Levy's cousin) joined Levy to talk about how the funding cuts have affected her son, Michael, who is 24 and has severe autism.

"We were assured by way of a court order that the government would continue this funding for our children," Deskin said on Your Morning. "All of a sudden, that disappeared and so did life as our children know it. They are at risk now."

Michael had previously been receiving 40 hours of special assistance every week as part of Ontario's autism program. However, the Deskin family received a six-month notice in February that the service would be cut off by August.

"My son is extremely self-injurious. They’ve left us with no transition and it’s beyond anything I could have imagined," Deskin said on Your Morning.

Levy expressed disbelief at the fact that autism funding is cut off for children once they turn 18, "As if when they turn 18, they just outgrow their autism," Levy said on Your Morning. "We just expect more humanity in the behavior of officials that Canadians elect to higher office."

"Without the treatment that these kids should be getting, the lives of these families have turned into a living hell because of what this government is doing and how they're handling it," Levy said.

Deskin, along with several other families, has filed a lawsuit against the Ontario government for their cuts to autism funding, something she had done previously with the Liberal Ontario government in 2004.

Deskin has also set up a website where people can send letters directly to Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Todd Smith.

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