Eugene Levy Gave Dan Levy A "Schitt's Creek" Wrap Present That'll Make You Cry (VIDEO)

" was an honour being your partner son."
Eugene Levy Schitt’s Creek Gift To Dan Lev

Teamwork is a huge part of how companies, sports leagues, and the world runs. Without it, we wouldn't have some amazing creations. For instance, if this father-son duo hadn't banded their ideas together, we wouldn't have one of the most popular Canadian comedies to ever air on television. Now that the series is coming to an end, Euegene Levy's Schitt's Creek gift to Dan Levy was revealed and it was the perfect way to end off their 6 season run. 

The present was first talked about by Dan who had done an interview with Vogue. He shared with the interviewer a black and white photo his dad had framed and gifted him inscribed with the words, "Daniel, it was an honour being your partner son. Dad. XO."

Now that ET Canada got the chance to interview Eugene, fans got a little more info on the farewell gift. 

The photo is of himself and Dan sitting in their director's chairs. Eugene's hand rests on his son's shoulder as they stare at the monitor. 

He revealed that it was "taken by our hairstylist on the show."

While explaining what the moment meant to him, the 73-year-old actor got emotional, “I thought it was an appropriate picture to give him as a parting gift. Well, now I have to get through this without choking up."

He went on to describe how proud he was of not only his son but of his daughter, Sarah Levy, who also played a role on Schitt's Creek for 6 years. "I’m so proud of both my kids because they both came up through this show."

Parting with one last compliment for Dan he said, "This is almost something he was like born to do." 

Besides revealing how important the Levy family was throughout Schitt's Creek, he also gave his thoughts on the series finale. 

He assured fans that, "Everything resolves itself in just a lovely manner. There may be one or two surprises. But I think it will be a very satisfying series ending season for the fans who have been following the show."

The final season of Schitt's Creek premieres January 7 on CBC. 

You can watch Eugene Levy's full ET Canada interview below. 

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