Eugene Levy's Wife Is Not Famous But Is Still In The Entertainment Industry

They have two children together!
Eugene Levy's Wife

Most Schitt's Creek lovers know that Eugene and Dan Levy are related. However, you may not know that Dan's sister, Sarah Levy, stars in the show too. But what about their mom? Eugene Levy's wife is not famous, but she's still in the entertainment industry!

Deborah Divine and the American Pie actor have been married since 1977, which is a whopping 43 years. It's unclear how they met, but for most of his career, Eugene married the love of his life. 

While there isn't much information about Divine online, what is known about her is very impressive. According to SuperBHub, she is a screenwriter, production manager, and a producer. She has worked on movies such as The Edge of Night. 

However, she is most well known for the show Maniac Mansion which her husband created and she was a writer on. Of course, just like Schitt's Creek, it's a Canadian production. It played on channels such as Family Channel and YTV from 1990 to 1993. 

There aren't very many photos of Divine online, but has been photographed with Michelle Obama with the rest of the Schitt's Creek cast. 

Divine has a hilarious family, as we know from their hit show, but she's also one to crack a joke as well. Even though the wife of the Cheaper by the Dozen 2 star doesn't have Instagram, she does have a Twitter account. 

On December 17, she gave a birthday shoutout to her husband and wrote, Oh, and Happy Birthday to my @Realeugenelevy whose anti-aging thing is starting to piss me off!" 

Divine even outed him and said he cared more about golf than being nominated for Schitt's Creek! She wrote, "The fact that @Realeugenelevy was more concerned about not being late for his golf game with his good friend Mitch, rather than hearing about award noms, is the reason I love the guy! Nevertheless, so excited, so proud! #keepitreal"

Serious couple goals. According to the same article from SuperBHub, the two own homes in Los Angeles, Florida, and of course, Canada. 

While there's no reason to get your hopes up for a special appearance from Levy's wife on the final season of Schitt's Creek, the proud mom will most likely tweet how proud she is of her whole family. We can see why! 

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