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What a racket!

The business of defrauding a tennis star would probably get you plenty of great service. You might feel like an ace, totally untouchable! Eventually, though, you'll be found at fault. That's what happened to a man who posed as Eugenie Bouchard's brother and racked up a $56,000 hotel bill. 

Solomon Shlomo Azari, a 24-year-old Miami native, had been telling the staff at Miami's 1 Hotel South Beach that he is the brother of the Canadian tennis star, who lives at the hotel when she is not competing. 

Over two months, Azari reportedly enjoyed meals at the hotel restaurant and drinks at its rooftop bar, all the while adding the charges to Bouchard's account. He was arrested by Miami-Dade police and charged with organized scheme to defraud, identity fraud, and grand theft.

Azari was also charged with possession because he had cocaine in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

It's an unfortunate event for Bouchard, even if Canadians may not be feeling a lot of love for her lately. After she dismissed Bianca Andreescu's success by saying she could have won the Rogers Cup and called herself fat on social media, there may not be a lot of sympathy for her.

[rebelmouse-image 25959099 alt="Solomon Shlomo Azari" photo_credit="Miami Police Department" expand=1 original_size="617x636"]

The whole situation raises a few questions. For example: did no one at the hotel think to check this guy's ID? Or even confirm with Bouchard that this guy was actually her brother? Hotel staff have not yet made any comments on the situation available to the press.

Another good question would be how, allegedly, two months worth of drinks and food managed to end up costing $56,000. If this is true, Azari was not messing around with his orders, and really went for the good stuff every time. 

Azari is currently out on bond, but judging by all of his charges, the only court in his future might have a judge and a prosecutor.

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