There is nothing worse than showing up to the airport and finding out your flight is delayed. Especially if you have a connecting flight to catch to somewhere else.

A delay, even a minor one, can throw off all your travel plans for the entire trip. CTV revealed in an article they published that if you’re going to or from Europe a delay you can actually be rewarded for a delay.

In Europe there is actually a law that entitles passengers, regardless of citizenship, to up to about $900 Canadian if they are barred from entering the plane without a valid reason. 

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This law won’t protect you if there’s some sort of major weather event like a blizzard or if a terrorist attack shuts down an airport though. Those are considered reasonable grounds not to let you on the plane.

But it will save you if you show up and the staff give you a bad reason as to why you haven't got on the plane yet well after you were supposed to.

The law is called EC 261, it’s been around since 2004 and applies to all planes flying from European airports. 

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It also covers all flights that are going to Europe as long as it’s with a European airline.

So Air Canada doesn’t apply but flights like British Airways or Air France or any of the airlines from a European country would fall under this law. 

In order to get a claim filed you need to contact a company like AirHelp, a Berlin-headquartered company that deals with passengers under the law. 

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According to AirHelp in the first six months of 2018, an estimated 30,000 Canadians were eligible to receive more than $30 million under EC 261, but 44% never filed a claim.

So if you’re going to Europe on a European airline and you get stuck waiting around for no reason you may be entitled to a reward. 

Source: CTV