Eva Mendes Opened Up About Life With Ryan Gosling & They're Actually A Power Couple

Even Ryan's family is supportive!
Eva Mendes Opened Up About Life With Ryan Gosling & They're Actually A Power Couple

We've been given an extremely rare inside look at what Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's life is like and it did not disappoint. Eva has been super private about her personal life with her husband and their children in the past, and Gosling himself doesn't even have social media, so her newest interview is a pleasant surprise. It seems like Blake Lively isn't the only one showcasing how great the Ryan's from Canada are today. In an interview with People magazine, Eva Mendes opened up about what it's like to be married to one of Canada's favorite Ryan's. 

Mendes was being interviewed for her new collection for her New York & Company clothing line. People, of course, couldn't go without asking about her husband, he is after all one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs. She was more than happy to tell everyone how supportive he is of her and proved Justin Bieber's obsession with Ryan Gosling is nothing compared to how iconic their relationship is. 

She said, "Ryan is incredibly supportive and he’s always in awe" and that he made her come to the realization that making a collection is, "a lot of work."  Because most of the time she's having too much fun to consider it work! 

She also discussed how much he loves the new collection she's designing, “He’s been loving the pants I’ve been doing. I’ve been getting into pants more, especially soft pants like joggers." 

Mendes goes on to talk about their daughters and melted our hearts when she discussed how much of a support system her daughters, along with her husband are. Even mentioning how much encouragement she gets from Gosling's family as well. 

She ends off by talking about why she thinks the honesty that comes with family is the best support you can have, “Nobody is going to be more honest than family, and our family is very honest. It’s something I really appreciate because when designing something, you need real feedback."

It's no surprise how kind the Gosling family seems to be, especially considering Ryan Gosling's track record. He was the original celeb to visit the Toronto coffee shop Grinder during TIFF after all! 

We're glad that the two of them have found a strong support system in each other that'll probably help keep supplying the world with iconic content in both the fashion and film industry.