Eva Mendes Freaked Out Over A Ryan Gosling Photo Even After Seven Years Together (VIDEO)

The Toronto memories are strong!
Eva Mendes Freaked Out Over Ryan Gosling Photo

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have kept their relationship out of the public eye since the very beginning and it's worked. Now, seven years and two kids later they're still proving to us that they have the kind of relationship goals we all aspire to accomplish one day. On Kelly Clarkson's new talk show, Eva Mendes freaked out over a Ryan Gosling photo

The two started dating back in 2012 after they filmed their movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, together. You'd think after 8 years of knowing each other that seeing a photo of one another wouldn't really draw a reaction, but that wasn't the case for Mendes. 

Kelly Clarkson pulled up a photo of the two of them from the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2012 before their relationship was even public. Mendes was at first shocked at how old the picture was saying, "Oh my god that's so old." 

Then went on to say that the photo is her trying to convince herself that she wasn't in love with the Canadian actor, "I'm not in love with him, I'm not in love with him." 

After a few more moments of staring at the photo, she turned her whole body towards him and gushed, "Uh look at him" with Clarkson agreeing, "He's so cute." 

This is possibly the most relatable interview we've ever seen. Who isn't star-struck when they see a photo of Ryan Gosling? Have you watched The Notebook? He's basically known as the ideal rom-com guy and even his partner isn't safe from his charm. 

She also talked to Clarkson about what parenting techniques they've picked up over the years. Mendes defined her and Gosling's parenting methods as being "Bulldoze parents." Basically that means they'll do anything for their kids at any time. 

This isn't the first time Eva Mendes has spoken fondly of Ryan Gosling and it probably won't be the last, but we're completely here for it.

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