Keep the news coming about season two of Netflix's creepy AF thriller YOU. The show added two more cast members for the upcoming season, and we are already OBSESSED. While we'll miss Peach Salinger and Guinevere Beck, the upcoming season looks like it has some serious potential. Actors Jenna Ortega and James Scully are the latest to join Penn Badgely as part of the YOU cast. 

It's been weeks since we binged on YOU, but we still think about it every time we draw our curtains shut after a quick, squinting look into the dark. Joe, are you out there? Earlier this week, Netflix announced The Haunting of Hill House's Victoria Pedretti will play Joe's romantic interest in season two. So much for Joe's type, Love Quinn is the total opposite of Beck. 

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Joining Pedretti are actors James Scully and Jenna Ortega. Scully, who you may recognize from the show Heathers, will play Forty Quinn, Love's brother. The Quinn siblings have weird names, and we're kinda here for it. Ortega, whose acting credentials include Jane The Virgin, is set to play Ellie. According to TV Line, Ellie is a teenager who "grew up fast in the big city."

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In season two, Joe is saying goodbye to New York and heading west. He's taking his crazy stalker ways to California, and we can already picture him hiding out behind palm trees. If their previous work is any indication (which, DUH, it is), Scully and Ortega bring a lot of talent to the YOU cast.  Let's see how long their characters can survive in Joe Goldberg's world.