Every Canadian Province Agrees That They Hate Quebec

Quebec is getting no love in this recent study that shows which provinces Canadians love and hate the most.
Every Canadian Province Agrees That They Hate Quebec

While Canada as a whole is a gorgeous country, you'd be lying if you said you didn't have special feelings towards at least one province. Whether it's the place you grew up or a place you simply love to visit, every Canadian definitely plays favourites. If you have a favourite, you also likely have a least favourite - whether you realize it or not. A new poll released by the Angus Reid Institute seems to have found the answer to Canada's most disliked province

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Not only are Canadians surprisingly willing to throw their least favourite province under the bus, but it seems that a lot of Canadians also share the same feelings. In this case, the Angus Reid Institute found that the most disliked province was none other than Quebec. 

The reason for the negative reviews about Quebec according to the poll is due to an average of only 5% of Canadians believing that the province is "close with or friendly" to the province they reside in. To make matters worse, 53% of the Canadians in the study believe that Quebec takes more than it gives to the Confederation. What's even more surprising is that 21% of Quebecers actually agree!

The data definitely aligns with many Canadian's belief that Quebec is not particularly interested in the rest of Canada or engaged with the country. That assumption emerged from Quebec's past attempts at an independence referendum.

Via angusreid.org

Via angusreid.org

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Another interesting discovery from the survey was what appears to be Alberta taking the reigns as the most resentful province in the country. Where Alberta only feels they are close with Saskatchewan. Though it seems the biggest bone both Alberta and Saskatchewan have to pick is with Quebec. 

Via angusreid.org

 This isn't necessarily shocking, considering Quebec's Premier François Legault publicly stated "no social acceptance for a pipeline that would pass through Quebec territory." Pipelines have been an especially touchy subject for Western Canada, to say the least meaning Quebec's public stance against them was never going to go over well.

Though overall if the data shows anything, it's that there aren't any two provinces that outwardly share the same love for each other. Rather it seems like a chain of "unrequited love in different parts of the country" according to Shachi Kurl, the executive director of the Angus Reid Institute. Meaning it might be time for Canadians to reconcile and hug it out.

Source: National PostAngus Reid Institute