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Every Celeb You Totally Forgot Was In Austin Powers

Do I make you nostalgic baby? Yeah, baby, yeah!
Every Celeb You Totally Forgot Was In Austin Powers

So, unless you were living inside a Big Boy rocket, you probably heard that Austin Powers 4 is a go. Basically, for one moment the entire world said, "yeah baby, yeah," for the first time in fifteen years.

Everyone probably remembers appearances by Rob Lowe, Will Ferrell, and Beyoncé — in her first movie role when she was just 20 (Damn, what can't she do?). However, you might have forgotten (or, in one case, tried to forget) about these other big-name actors who cameod or had small roles in the series.

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Britney Spears

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It's Britney b*tch! Before she got everyone to work, she was an evil robot sent to kill none other than Austin Powers.

Danny Devito

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It's always sunny in the swinging 60s. Danny Devito guest appearing as himself as Mini-Me might be the best casting in the whole series. Probably the saddest thing about AP4 is going to be no Vern Troyer. Totally sad.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Before she was Goop she was Dixie. Dixie Normous.

Rebecca Romijn

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The first actress to play Mystique in the X-Men franchise played an evil robot in Austin Powers 2. What's with Austin and all the bad robots?

Kevin Spacey

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I'm sure a lot of people would rather forget about this one. After allegations of sexual misconduct were made public by the actor Anthony Rapp, who bravely disclosed his experiences, Kevin Spacey was fired House of Cards. Spacey's Austin Powers cameo as an alt-version of Dr. Evil, unfortunately, occurs in one of the franchise's best sequences — the fake movie-in-a-movie version of Austin Powers.

Tom Cruise

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Once you hear Tom Cruise saying the iconic, "Yeah, baby, yeah" it's all you can hear for day. Trust me, days. Casting Maverick as the fake version of Austin Powers? Hilarious.

Woody Harrelson

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In a if-you-blink cameo you could easily miss, Woody plays himself. He's in the movie for less than five seconds as part of a gag that plays on the double meaning of his name. Nope, not the Harrelson part.

Kelly Osbourne

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Kelly and the whole Osbourne clan appeared in the series as themselves. This was at the height of Osbourne mania — reality TV's first family.

Carrie Fisher

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The actress best known as Princess Leia had an uncredited cameo as a therapist in one of the funniest scenes. Scott Evil is probably still in therapy.


Jerry Springer

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Ahhh, do I miss Jerry Springer. In addition to helping thousands of families and couples find common ground on his show, Scott Evil goes on Jerry's show hoping to have a better relationship with his dad, Dr. Evil. Spoiler alert: he doesn't.

John Travolta

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The movie-inside-a-movie version of Austin Powers 3's main villain, Goldmember, is just a creepy as the real fake Goldmember. I've got chills. They're multiplying.

Steven Spielberg

Via Amblin Entertainment / Facebook

Arguably the world's most famous director, Spielberg plays himself in Goldmember.