Every Season Of New Girl Has Officially Been Taken Off Netflix Canada Because Apparently Nothing Is Sacred

Schmidt put on his 'mono on one last time before the series left the streaming service.
Every Season Of New Girl Has Officially Been Taken Off Netflix Canada Because Apparently Nothing Is Sacred

There's no denying that Netflix Canada has been killing it recently with their new releases. The more notable ones such as Bird Box and Black Mirror's Bandersnatch have taken over the internet to the point where most people can't go online without seeing something about either Netflix title. Though it seems that the streaming service thought that with all the hype surrounding both titles, we wouldn't notice 'New Girl' quietly leaving the streaming service after December- we did. 

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If you haven't had the pleasure of watching 'New Girl', the best way to describe the show would be the final bow of the "manic pixie dream girl" phase that was lead by Zooey Deschanel. It also was one of the last sitcom "slice of life" shows left around that still had an early 2000's air to it.

The show followed Zooey who played Jess, a quirky teacher full of heart as she moved in with three guys in Los Angeles who all had equally hilarious personalities. Resulting in seven seasons following the tight-knit group go through everyday issues.

'New Girl' was an instant hit, thanks to Zooey's fame from past movies as well as the lovable personalities of Nick, Winston, Cece and of course, Schmidt. The series got a second wind recently when Netflix users discovered the show for themselves and fell in love with the characters just in time to catch the final season live - which many assumed was going to be making its way to Netflix sometime in 2019. 

Instead, the opposite happened and it was announced quietly that 'New Girl' would be leaving the Canadian version of the streaming service before 2019. Meaning no more rewatching Schmidt explaining his 'mono to Winston and Nick, no more Winston and Cece mess-arounds and no more True American.

Fans were quick to air out their frustrations about the news considering the show is still relatively popular with many new watchers of the show finding themselves cut off from finishing the series: 

Bobs burgers and New Girl are gone off @Netflix in Canada. pic.twitter.com/WmVMkx071R

January 1, 2019

@netflix PLEASE PUT NEW GIRL BACK ON NETFLIX CANADA I finally had the time in 2019 😭

December 31, 2018

I had four episodes left to finish #NewGirl 's season 6, when #NetflixCanada removed it! 😤😤 I was literally still watching! pic.twitter.com/gs7SBIzmjv

December 31, 2018

I'm hurrying watching #NewGirl, because #NetflixCanada will remove it on December 31st. pic.twitter.com/h1NmGvUYEk

December 29, 2018

While Netflix Canada hasn't released a reason for why the show was pulled, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume it possibly has to do with the service dropping a bomb to keep 'Friends' on the platform towards the end of 2018.  Many predicted that the $30 million spent to keep the series on Netflix would severely impact the amount of other content the platform could afford to keep, and it seems we are seeing the beginning of those repercussions. 

Via Netflix Canada

Regardless, we can only hope that the series has the potential to make a return as soon as possible. If you are angry enough to switch services, you may want to consider Hulu seeing as the platform still has 'New Girl' as of right now. While we may not be able to Schmidt roast pine for being "the wood of poor people and outhouses," on Netflix anymore, his hilarious quotes will live on in our hearts. 

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