Looks Like Everyone Has Forgotten About This Canadian Coffee Chain

When did people stop going to Coffee Time?
Inside an updated Coffee Time location.

Inside an updated Coffee Time location.

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With an influx of big coffee giants coming north like Starbucks and McDonalds, it looks like people have forgotten about one Canadian chain, and no I'm not talking about Tim Hortons (especially since they merged with Burger King).

A Reddit thread started up in Ontario today wondering about one very specific Canadian coffee joint. The poster asked if anybody actually liked the chain Coffee Time (spoiler alert: they don't), which got me wondering does anyone even remember Coffee Time?

The Canadian chain was founded in the small town of Bolton, Ont. in 1982 and is currently headquartered in Scarborough. While people seem to have forgotten all about the chain, they actually have over 100 locations across Canada and even some internationally.

The company even had a massive rebrand recently, updating their logo and redecorating stores, in an attempt to look more modern.

Theoretically, Coffee Time should be able to hold it's own, with menu selections like iced coffee, all day breakfast, and soups and sandwiches. But a big factor holding them back may be that a lot of people say their coffee taste like coffee flavoured water at best, and cigarette smoke at worst.

That being said, one menu item has gotten a bit of attention. In a Reddit thread some people said they believe that the chain actually has better donuts than its "Canadian" competition, Tim Hortons.

At the end of the day Coffee Time is holding on, but for how much longer is unknown. Just this year they closed one of their Toronto locations since the landowner wanted to re-develop the property into something else.

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