Everyone has photos from their childhood that they don't love. Whether it's a questionable fashion choice or weird hairdo, we all have some laugh-worthy baby pics. 

For one Canadian star, her baby picture is so hilarious that people can't even figure out who it is, but they are sharing their best guesses on Twitter. 

Guess Who This Hair-larious Kid Turned Into! https://t.co/iEsabWbhr2

17 August 2018

TMZ tweeted out the photo as part of their latest "guess who this celebrity baby photo is" series and people have some great suggestions based on the ridiculous comb-over the baby is sporting. 

The suggestions range from Seinfeld stars to the President of the United States and everything in between. 


17 August 2018

If it trump this makes sense 😂

17 August 2018

Danny Devito

17 August 2018

Despite everyone's best guesses, the photo actually belongs to Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell who was born in Mississauga, Ontario on April 10, 1987. 

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Shay shared the photo on her Instagram this past Mother's Day, joking that she was born looking like an 87-year-old man. 

@shaymitchellembedded via  

Shay grew up in Mississauga before moving to Vancouver when she was ten. She returned to Toronto to study acting before landing her role on Pretty Little Liars in 2009.