Everything I Want To Say To My Ex's New Girlfriend

There are some things you should know.
Everything I Want To Say To My Ex's New Girlfriend

Hey there. You've probably heard about me. And if you haven't, well, I guess that hurts a little but I used to love your boyfriend. 

We were high school sweethearts if you could call us that. My mom still asks about him and my sister makes jokes about his old boat shoes. When my parents split up, he held me as I cried and when I finally landed the lead in the school play, he was right there front row. 

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We had the same sense of humour and quick, agile minds. He was face-paced and buzzing while I was mellow and subdued. We balanced each other, challenged each other and complimented our personalities well. However, we were also 16. Young and changing. While we loved hanging out and spending time together, we were also far too naive to make something last in the long run. 

His eyes wandered much farther than mine ever did, and there came a part where I knew we'd be better off apart. He was a great guy for a good duration of our relationship and I think I'll always love him, simply as a part of my past, in the way you would an old teddy bear, despite shoving it in the back of your closet.

Please don't get mad when my name pops up on his screen. I probably just saw his pregnant sister at the store and want to say congratulations. He always wanted to be an uncle. And if his mom still has our prom picture hanging in the hallway, don't think anything of it. Maureen and I were probably better friends than your boyfriend and I ever were. 

He's going to want to check in on me every now and then, but please don't worry. I just got a new job, or finally moved out, or met a celebrity he's always loved. You're dating a great guy and he would never cheat on you. 

However, you shouldn't make the same mistakes I did. Because believe me, I made a few. You need to speak up when something's bothering you. Your boyfriend is a sweetheart but he is also incredibly tone deaf sometimes. Being passive aggressive or suppressing problems will only make things worse. If he did something to bug you, bring it up - you can work through it together. 

He's also a jealous guy - which isn't the best at times. Just assure him where you stand and how much you love him. He'll learn to chill out in time, and trust you all the more. 

Most importantly, make sure you know your own worth. There are so many times I should've stuck up for myself, or what I wanted in our relationship, but let them slide because I was so, goddamn infatuated. Yes, your boyfriend is adorable and smart and very, very cool - but please don't let that distract you from what you need. 

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